Quote of the Day

“Africa, as we know, is blessed beyond measure, particularly with hard-working Africans, expanding middle-class, and dedicated men and women who are ready to seize all the opportunities we are able to generate. We, therefore, have everything to gain by continuing to strengthen the foundations of strong, dynamic national economies, which form the building blocks of successful regional integration. We have much work ahead to ensure that we maximize Africa’s generally favorable economic outlook. We must continue building positive mindsets of success in Africa’s young people, as we equip them with education and skills, and support entrepreneurship and innovation. Young Africans have to see our continent as a place to build successful careers and businesses and be empowered to chart their own futures. Africa has never had as much freedom as we currently do, to come together, and assert our interests with one voice. We are already making progress in building a solid foundation of security and political stability, which allows us to focus on entrenching good governance and a culture of accountability.” President Kagame remarks at the Fifth Investing in Africa Forum.

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