12 December 2014

President Kagame on his second day visit to Nairobi today joined President Kenyatta and thousands of Kenyan citizens to mark the 50th Anniversary of Jamhuri Day. Jamhuri a Swahili word for republic is celebrated on 12 December each year. Kenya also gained full independence one year earlier on 12 December 1963.

The ceremony which took place at Nyayo Stadium was also attended by President Dramani Mahama of Ghana, President Museveni of Uganda and other dignitaries from across the continent.

In his keynote address, President Kenyatta emphasised that Kenyans uphold the meaning of celebrating Jamhuri Day;

“Jamhuri is a day to celebrate victory and promise.  It is a time to reflect on our progress as we survey our nation’s prospects. Today, we remember the long, painful struggle for our freedom.  Our determination in this difficult journey set us free.  Free to chart our own destiny. Free to conquer poverty, illiteracy, sickness and hunger.  Our sovereignty is a priceless legacy and a trust we must honour for ourselves and for future generations.”

President Kagame remarked on the need to continue close cooperation among African countries.

“Rwanda will always join Kenyans and other citizens in the region for further integration to contribute to the prosperity of the continent.

The celebrations which were marked by performances by various Kenyan artists as well as a military parade ended with a luncheon hosted by President Kenyatta and attended by Presidents Kagame, Museveni and Mahama.