President Kagame today attended the swearing in ceremony of the newly appointed Minister of Defense, General James Kabarebe, Chief of Defense Staff, General Charles Kayonga; Commander of Land Forces, Lt. General Ceasar Kayizari; and the Commander of the Reserve Force, General Charles Muhire. In his remarks at the event, President Kagame urged Rwandans to draw hope and confidence from what they had endured as well as what they had managed to overcome during the past 16 years. He pointed out that all that had been promised to Rwandans in terms of security had been achieved, through both war and peaceful means; but all aimed at consolidating stability and security in the country.

President Kagame hailed the newly sworn-in military leaders as individuals with valuable experience having played a big role in the liberation and transformation of Rwanda. “As I know them, these leaders have mastered their responsibilities and although they are now going to work at different levels, their obligations are much the same – that of protecting Rwandans and the country’s sovereignty.”

President Kagame told leaders that their primary duty was to foster national security and to work towards improving the lives of Rwandans. He deplored rumour mongers, who are bent on causing instability in Rwanda and pledged that something was going to be done to act to curb the practice. He urged leaders to guide Rwandans in developing a culture of resistance to hearsay. “ Rwandans should reject  scandal hawkers in order to realise the benefits of development which are unfolding in the country, adding that as Rwanda builds its democracy, safeguards will develop to check practices like dangerous rumour mongering which impacts negatively on national security and hinders national progress.