Kigali, 30 October 2013

President Kagame has asked the youth to look into themselves for solutions to advance in life, because they have limitless potentials. While addressing the youth from across Africa who are attending the ongoing Transform Africa Conference during an interactive discussion on ICT today, President Kagame asked the youth to invest in themselves and their passions in order to attain what they want to achieve.

“Success doesn’t always come on the first try; when you fail, keep wanting success and try another route. When you are down, you should never be out. There is no single secret to success, you have to work hard. There is no short cut. The potential is unlocked when we are committed to being the ones to transform our country.

President Kagame asked the youth to not despair about the future but take responsibility for what they can do about it. President Kagame challenged to youth to hold their leaders accountable but make it more meaningful by also playing their part.

Counselling African youth to live meaningful lives, President Kagame said:

“As our future leaders, we want to move forward together and look at what we can do together to transform our societies. We live for a purpose and we must do the best we can.”

Introducing President Kagame, the founder of Athgo, Dr. Armean Orjuan described him as a man with a vision who makes people’s dreams come true. During the interactive meeting which was also attended by Dr. Hamadoun Toure, Secretary General of ITU, President Kagame and Dr. Orjuan presented awards to 5 African youth start companies that excelled in IT innovation.