“The progress we have seen over time in Rwanda is the result of a deliberate effort to nurture our unity. It is not just because we have capable women and men formulating and carrying out policy. Of course, we do, and that is very important. However, it is really about citizens themselves being part of the whole process. Each one of them, in some way, is in the driver’s seat, making sure that things happen which benefit them, their families, and the wider community. You see, well-being has both objective and subjective dimensions. You cannot dictate how people should feel. People who feel hopeful about their lives are not going to change their minds because you tell them the data show they should actually be unhappy. Africans are constantly subject to this kind of gas-lighting. It is as if the reality we know and live and see requires external validation. You begin to doubt your own perception, which is, of course, the whole point.” President Kagame remarks at World Leaders Forum | Columbia University, 26 September 2019.

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