Kigali, 04 July 2011

President Kagame today told Rwandans that while the worst is over, they should not be complacent because the struggle for dignity is equally tough: “We are better off now and where we are heading is even better. We are now moving on a level ground and we know that ahead of us the journey moves downhill – I am talking about our projected pace in development. However, we need to understand that you also need a lot of effort to move downhill – you have to apply brakes to avoid falling over”.

President Kagame told Rwandans that the struggle ahead is about preserving the dignity they have already attained and achieve even more: “Liberation is about fighting for dignity. It’s the struggle by people to achieve development, security and stability, knowledge and prosperity. This has never been easy and neither should we assume that it will ever be. In this struggle, people encounter so many challenges but the lesson that we get out of this is that when a person faces so many challenges; he eventually becomes hardened and gathers the courage to face them. That is why Rwandans have overcome fear – although this doesn’t mean that they have ever been timid in any way”.


President Kagame said that after working together in the struggle to make Rwanda a better country, Rwandans are now united in their resolve to give themselves dignity. President Kagame emphasized that Rwandans will always endeavor to be what they want to be and not what others want them to be.

Recognizing all those who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of Rwanda, President Kagame said that their sacrifice was not in vain and will never be: “These soldiers you see here and others they represent sacrificed a lot – some of them laid down their lives. It is our responsibility as Rwandans to not put to waste all that we have achieved because it all came at a high cost. We need to draw strength from this inspiration and move steadily ahead”.

President Kagame thanked for all Rwandans and asked them to be proud and happy about what they have achieved and draw strength from that to achieve even more.