Davos, 20 January 2016

This morning at the World Economic Forum, President Kagame was a panelist on a session titled ‘The Transformation of Tomorrow,’ alongside Facebook’s chief operation officer  Sheryl Sandberg, Microsoft chief executive officer Satya Nadella, director of Indian company Mahindra Anand Mahindra and founder of Open Gov Zachary Bookman to discuss implications of the digital revolution.

President Kagame said Political stability, security for investors and the rule of law were the factors Rwanda was ranked the second best place to do business in Africa;

“We have seen multiplier effect of technology on growth, development and connecting people to solutions. You don’t regulate to start with, you create then work to support it to let it grow in the right direction. The framework has to be clear and governance has to be about providing support and partnerships. We have to address policy side and how we use technology to reduce other divides that exist. In Rwanda, making sure women are involved and using technology to serve society are policy decisions that we bring together.”

“Revolutions create winners and losers; our job is to make sure there are fewer losers and more winners.” The President added

Prior to the panel, President Kagame attended a breakfast with business leaders hosted by Marc Holtzman. President ended the day attending a reception launching AfDB’s Transformative Partnership on Energy for Africa;

“It is not enough for Africa to make a little progress. We need to get organized nationally but also across borders. We need to be tired of repeating the story of how behind we are to the rest of the world. The bottom line is we have to work together.” President Kagame added