Gashora, 31 July 2015

President Kagame today addressed 128 leaders and Global Health Corps Fellows who were holding a retreat to reflect on achievements at the conclusion of their one year fellowship. Global Health Corps provides a 12 months fellowship for young professionals to work on the frontlines at existing health organizations and government agencies around the world, in partnership with organizations working to improve healthcare access and outcomes in different countries.

In his address, President Kagame thanked the Global Health Corps for their noble work and encouraged the young leaders to be steadfast in what they do.

Young leaders like you, men and women, everyone has something to contribute. It can only work if we make it everyone’s business. Don’t give up. There has to be people who give hope to others. We never gave up and we survived.


Commenting on the issue of aid, President Kagame said the significance of aid is to only assist the recipient to stand on their own feet and that Rwandans were working hard to ensure that they finally are able to be self reliant.

“You have to accept the reality, Rwanda needs foreign aid. We need foreign aid to use it so we don’t need it in the future. Needing foreign aid means you are not capable of standing on your own feet. The question is; do you need help forever? Where foreign aid is needed, it means there is something wrong and it means we need to address the problem.”

Barbara Bush, the CEO of Global Health Corps thanked President Kagame for leading by example and allowing young leaders to follow his footsteps.

Global Health Corps (GHC) was founded in 2009 by six young American health advocates, including Barbara Bush, who is the CEO, with the mission to engage this generation’s youth in leadership for health equity worldwide.