“Sport is meant to bring people together. In fact, the role of sports in our lives, and particularly football, is only becoming more central and sophisticated, as other methods of promoting global solidarity become more fragile. What the world needs, is to see more of the positive spirit of sportsmanship in our politics, rather than bringing political divisions into sports. That speaks to why Qatar was proud to host the World Cup, and Rwanda is honoured to host this FIFA Congress. We need to keep bad politics out of sports, as we saw last year in the constant, hypocritical criticism at the World Cup. Instead of asking, why is it being held there, first ask, why not? Unless we are talking about a kind of entitlement, that only some of us on this globe deserve to enjoy. It is about keeping some people in their place, but that kind of attitude should have been left far behind in history by now.” President Kagame | 73rd FIFA Congress.