Today, Chairman Paul Kagame’s presidential campaign continues in Kirehe, Ngoma and Rwamagana in the Eastern province.

In Kirehe, Chairman Paul Kagame was met by thousands of RPF supporters gathered to cheer him on. In the last seven years, the district of Kirehe has seen improvements notably in terms of Agriculture, where the number of farmers who use fertilizers increased from 2,346 in 2010 to 19,135 in 2017. In order to improve on food security, the number of post harvest facilities increased from 14 in 2010 to 138 in 2017.

The next stop of the campaign rally was the district of Ngoma where RPF Chairman Kagame greeted over 100,000 RPF supporters gathered at the site. Addressing the crowd, Chairman Kagame praised the people of Ngoma for their hard work:” When people work hard, when there is good governance, everything else follows. We thank the people of Ngoma for their hard work and the progress in this district. We want to transform Ngoma into a modern town with modern infrastructure, electricity, schools & health facilities: we want transformation that reaches every citizen and in which every one of you plays their part.”

Last stop on the Eastern province campaign rally was Rwamagana district where Chairman Paul Kagame held his 3rd campaign rally of the day. Addressing residents of Rwamagana, Chairman Kagame said: “Our transformation is founded on unity and our determination to build our country: the hard work that will build this country has to be unique to our own context.” Talking about the people cantered RPF policies that brought development to the country, Chairman Paul Kagame added: ” People are the most important foundation of our progress. Everyone has an equal role to play in this country and we value all people equally: men and women, young and old. We want to make the kind of progress that will make Rwanda unrecognizable to those who define us by our tragic history. The future we are building is the future Rwandans deserve.”