Kigali, 5 December 2016

President Kagame has said that Rwanda’s rapid transformation is fundamentally hinged on trust between the leadership and the people of Rwanda.

Addressing members of the private sector from all over the country today, President Kagame said Rwanda may not be among the richest countries in terms of resources but that the mutual trust between the people and their leadership has enabled a lot of progress to be registered.


“To those who ask about Rwanda’s progress, the only answer I have is that this is the result of placing trust in citizens. The trust among citizens and the trust between citizens and their leaders are invaluable in transforming this country. We have made progress but we have a long way to go. The important part is that we have a firm foundation. Good business can only exist when there is good governance.”

President Kagame said that Rwandans must believe in themselves and in each other because the success achieved by Rwandans was a result of trust.

Calling on Rwandans to believe in themselves, President Kagame said that doubting one’s ability to achieve means accepting that prosperity was not meant for them.

“If we had felt sorry for ourselves and believed we are too small to achieve, we would not be seated in this convention center”

Earlier on in the morning, President Kagame inaugurated two ultra modern buildings in the city, all constructed through collective investment of resources.