Kigali, 8 November 2014

President Kagame has told Rwandans that building a strong foundation and leaving a legacy for the next generation has to be part of who we are and what we do every day. President Kagame said this while speaking today during the second Unity Club Nd’umunyarwanda forum launch dinner:“Let us look forward, not backward and build a foundation that cannot easily come undone. Our legacy cannot be poverty and division. It is up to each of us. Ask yourself, what is my contribution? We must b uild a lasting foundation. We should be thinking of our children and their children. What will our legacy be? Individuals come and go. However long you may live, you will eventually go. Our nation must outlive us.”


President Kagame warned that it was not enough to speak of dignity when people are not doing the right thing because they must turn words into action. He asked Rwandans to harness their differences and turn them into strengths that will build a stronger nation.

Asking Rwandans to be proud that they now have a place to call home and guard it jealously: “Today we have a home. As we build, we need to find within ourselves who we want to be and what we want to stand for. Our history was such that we did not have a nation of our own. Before we could build one, our foundation was destroyed. We need to build a nation that looks beyond the present. Building a sustainable nation means thinking of our future. We are regaining the humanity we had lost and valuing it more than if we had never lost it.”

President Kagame reminded that Rwandans should be conscious to the fact that they have come a long way, and that the beginning was about learning what being Rwandan means and who they wanted to be.