Kigali, 18 October 2011

President Kagame has said that the differences in belief and thinking that exist among Rwandans should not get in the way of national unity and  development. President Kagame said this while addressing hundreds of Muslims during the inauguration of the new Mufti of Rwanda at the Kigali Regional Stadium in Nyamirambo: “Our country guarantees freedom for everyone to think and believe differently but at the end of the day, our differences should not hinder national unity, culture and aspirations for our nation. Our country should remain united.”

President Kagame said that the government will endeavor to protect the rights of the Muslim community as well as other religious denominations and indeed all Rwandans because this is an entitlement of every Rwandan.

Noting that the Muslim community in Rwanda had been sidelined in the past, President Kagame said that the community shares similar history with other Rwandan communities which were denied the right to be who they are by past regimes: “Our country has enough space and generosity. The doors are open and everyone can come and go as they wish”.

President Kagame pledged unreserved support to the new Mufti and wished him wisdom to lead the Muslim community to prosperity.



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