Kigali, 14 October 2014

While officiating the Swearing-in Ceremony of the new President of Senate, Bernard Makuza, President Kagame today told all government officials present that leadership is not about working for selfish interests but about serving and never stopping to stand up for the rights and dignity of all Rwandans.

“This is not about us as individuals. The important thing is to work together towards improving the lives of every Rwandan. We have a responsibility to serve Rwandans. The reason we are here is about our rights to dignity as a nation and as a continent.”

Pointing to the challenges Rwanda currently faces, President Kagame reminded the officials that they should not allow to be used by external forces but should instead own and shape Rwanda’s story they way it deserves.

“With every challenge put on our way, we get stronger, not weaker. Our body may get weak but our spirit never will. Let our challenges be the motivation to do more, to get more progress and move faster to develop our nation. Our only battleground is our country Rwanda. On this battleground, we shall always prevail.”

Makuza has been serving as Vice President in charge of Legislation and Government Oversight. Fatou Harerimana was also elected as the replacement for Makuza, beating her counterpart Jean d’ Arc Mukakalisa with 21 votes out of 26 votes to become the new Senate Vice president.