Kigali, 31 October 2013

Today at Urugwiro Village, President Kagame received Rodrigo Arboleda, Chairman and CEO of One Laptop per Child Program. The Rwandan OLPC program is the 3rd largest deployment in the world after Peru and Uruguay.

Speaking to the press following his meeting with President Kagame, the Chairman and CEO of One Laptop per Child, Rodrigo Arboleda shared his impression of the recently concluded Transform Africa Summit attended by over one thousand participants and 6 African Heads of States:

“I came here to pay my respect for success of Transform Africa Summit, it has been a milestone in demonstrating results of what his vision has been for transforming Africa. Our goal is to contribute to Rwanda’s vision of being the transformational hub of Africa and participating in digital age of economy.”

Rodrigo Arboleda added that the OLPC program contributes to ensuring every child is able to exploit their potential:

“One laptop per child demonstrates that the most important resource that Africa has is the brain of their children.”

In partnership with the Government of Rwanda, the One Laptop per Child program which began in 2007 has now reached 207,026 laptops in 407 schools across Rwanda.

OLPC has also helped to open a Global Center for Excellence in Laptops and Learning at the Kigali Institute for Science, Technology and Management.

OLPC-Rwanda aims to work on providing support to the government towards the building of educational conditions for teachers, children, schools in general and communities through the use of the XO laptop.