Mr President, I would like to welcome you, and your delegation, to Rwanda.

Allow me to take this opportunity to commend you and your country, Mr President, for the ongoing efforts to ensure peace and stability in your country, Chad.

Our experience as Rwandans, has shown us that reconciliation must indeed be an inclusive process.

The General Cooperation Agreement, to be signed today, is a chance to continue exchanging and sharing lessons, such as these, with each other.

This is the right time to strengthen our relations, and deepen our collaboration, in areas of mutual interest.

The pandemic has reversed the development gains that we had made, and we are witnessing more instability on our continent.

A lot, therefore, is at stake, for all of us. We must combine our individual efforts, and confront our common challenges, together. In this case, if you allow me President, therefore, Rwanda is ready for much closer cooperation with Chad.

Once again, thank you President for visiting our country, and we look forward to welcoming you back. This will not just be, much as it might be first, it should not be the last.

I’m also looking forward to the time I can pay back the visit, which would give me an opportunity to visit Chad once again. I’ve been there once, so once is not enough, at least is not good enough. So, I should be back at the earliest opportunity to visit the country, and visit with you, Mr President.

May I now welcome you, to make your remarks.