Following the swearing in ceremony of the new Prime Minister Hon. Dr Eduard Ngirente  yesterday at Parliament, today President Kagame has officiated the swearing in ceremony of new members of cabinet.

Addressing the new cabinet, President Kagame urged them to work hard and collaborate in order to improve efficiency: “We must strive to always do more, faster and better: that is our uniqueness – ubudasa. We owe this to our people. As alandlocked country, we face challenges that are different from our neighboring countries therefore our solutions need to be different as well. We can’t afford to live in a “comfort zone”. “

He added that the new cabinet members need to work together as a team to deliver on the promises made to Rwandans: “We always stress out how collaboration, communication and coordination are key in building the Rwanda we want. We can’t afford to have people who are supposed to be working together but who don’t communicate: this must change. I am not asking anyone to do the impossible; we need to work smartly and efficiently because we can’t afford to do otherwise.”

Concluding his address, President Kagame warned the leaders present about being complacent in their duties: “We want improvements in all sectors; health, education, infrastructure, justice, etc. We must deliver on our promises, it’s each of us’ duty to fight this culture of everyone working as they please, mismanaging public funds.”