Chairman Paul Kagame, on the ninth day of the campaign rally, visited Nyabihu and Musanze in the Northern Province as well as Rubavu in the Western Province.

In Musanze, Chairman Kagame thanked RPF supporters for being there to show support at the rally: “Turning up in such big numbers is a sign of our unity & the strength of our party, the RPF Inkotanyi.” The district of Musanze has seen progress in many sectors over the last few years and notably in health where the number of doctors increased by 76% in the last 7 years.

Next stop of the day was Nyabihu district where over 100,000 RPF supporters welcomed Chairman Kagame at the Rambura site. Addressing the crowd, Chairman Kagame said: “Our goal is development, security and prosperity for all. We have achieved a lot together but a lot more is still to come. 4th August is the beginning of a new phase of our continued development journey.” He added:”We want everyone to have access to healthcare, food and clean water. That is the foundation for everything. We want to eradicate poverty as well as eliminating malnutrition. Let’s work together to achieve this.”

In line with the RPF policies geared to reduce poverty and malnutrition in rural areas, the number of cows distributed in the District of Nyabihu went from 1,578 in 2010 to 5,100 in 2017.

The last stop of the day was Rubavu, where Chairman Kagame was welcomed by over 200,000 supporters at Mudende site. Addressing the RPF supporters gathered at the site, Chairman Kagame said : “We will achieve great things together. We are building a prosperous and secure nation together. Nothing is impossible to a determined people!”

In Rubavu, the population has seen progress in terms of access to electricity where there was an increase of 25% in the last few years, while the number of households using biogas went from 38 to 125. In the same period in the agricultural sector, the production of coffee and tea increased by 60% and 38% respectively.

On the tenth day of the Presidential campaign, Chairman Kagame will visit the districts of Rutsiro and Karongi in the Western Province.