Gakenke, 21 July 2010

President Kagame, donning a branded RPF shirt stood on the podium and spoke with a resolve that epitomized his leadership. In his second address of the day after rallying voters in Rulindo, President Kagame spoke off the cuff, however at no point did he lose the flow of his speech or the attention of the massive crowd of an estimated 80,000 spread over the field and nearby hills of Nembe in Gakenke District.President Kagame spoke of the achievements of the last 16 years, and promised to maintain the ardor in search for further economic and social development. Avoiding platitudes, he pointed out specific achievements of the current government including mutuelles health insurance for all Rwandans and Nine Year Basic Education.

President Kagame emphasized that RPF was the party that would ensure success in fighting corruption, creating jobs and importantly “allow Rwandans to make decisions for and about Rwanda”.

The crowd’s concentration did not wave except where the crowd interrupted President Kagame to chant in unison “Ni wowe! Ni wowe!” (You are the one!) to which he called out “RPF-Inkotanyi OYE!” to and the crowd responded “OYE!”. The crowd’s enthusiasm to each of the points of the manifesto showed how clearly they understood the direction and purpose of the RPF leadership, and their determination to ensure their candidate won.
President Kagame illustrated the achievements of the past and the possibilities of the future, and asked Rwandans   “Why change a winning team?”

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