Kigali, 14 March 2011

Newly elected Mayors have reiterated their determination to accelerate the country’s development and improve the lives of the people who elected them.

Speaking after a meeting between President Kagame and the newly elected Mayors, the Minister of Local Government, James Musoni who also attended said that there is optimism that the new Mayors are better placed to serve the people better.

“This is a great start to the Mayors’ five-year mandate. The President made them understand that the country and the people who elected them have a lot of expectations from them…. We expect things to change… because the new Mayors are aware of their obligations and priorities of the country and the president promised them his personal support.”

Minister Musoni also said that the Government would address growth imbalances among districts and give budgetary support to those which were falling behind to enable them to catch up with others.

The newly elected Mayor of Karongi Bernard Kayumba who spoke on behalf of other Mayors said:

“This meeting with the President is a great opportunity for us as new Mayors to be able to understand national priorities and work together to achieve the country’s vision. We are highly inspired and we will do all we can to improve the lives of the people we serve”.

30 district Mayors and provincial Governors attended the meeting