Gashora, 4 October 2013

President Kagame has said that the belief that the domain of science and technology was created for the rustic strength of a male brain is just but a myth. President Kagame was speaking at the maiden graduation ceremony at Gashora Girls Academy of Science and Technology today, where he was Guest of Honor:

“In the last 20 years, we have done everything we could to expose this myth and to change the mindset of Rwandan society. Our guiding principle has been that never again should a Rwandan get less than they deserve or be regarded as a second-class citizen in their country. Right from the start, we believed that when all facets of our society are equally empowered, we all stand to gain. In the final analysis, the gain is Rwandan because that is how we will be able to stand on our own feet and be responsible for our own destiny. This is the reason we are happy to see the first cohort of girls that have gone through these gates graduating with honours. As girls and as citizens of Rwanda, your prospects could not be brighter, for only the sky is the limit. Your accomplishments thus far give us confidence, and to you, good reason to believe that many more accomplishments lie ahead.”


President Kagame urged the outgoing pioneers to work hard in their next life endeavors because the founders of the school always wanted them and other Rwandan girls to fulfil their dreams and to have a productive life.

“We will spare no effort to ensure that you have that. We want you to work even harder, remain focused on your goal and believe in yourselves. Every path you take should be taken with confidence that you can make a difference for yourselves, your families and for your country. The Rwandan people will stand behind you and provide all the support they can galvanise to help you navigate through the challenges you may face ahead.”

President Kagame pointed out that as pioneers of the school and role models for those who will come behind them, they must internalise what is meant when Rwandans say “Agaciro” and hence whatever they do, wherever they will be, they must embody the dignity of Rwandans.

Peter Thorp, the Principal of Gashora Girls Academy of Science and Technology said the school was a dream that blossomed because of trust of the parents and that the graduating students were equipped with skills and confidence to face challenges ahead of them.