• Excellencies
  • Ladies and Gentlemen

This year, we mark twenty years since the re-foundation of our African continental institutions.

In May 2001, the African Union was founded to replace the Organisation of African Unity.

A few months later, in July 2001, NEPAD was created.

NEPAD’s mission was to eradicate poverty and integrate Africa into the global economy, with a focus on good governance.

We pay tribute today to the distinguished leaders who spearheaded the establishment of NEPAD, from Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal, and South Africa.

Many other leaders rallied to the NEPAD cause in the following years.

NEPAD has remained true to its vision.

NEPAD’s values are part and parcel of the reform spirit we have seen in the African Union over the past several years, with good results.

It is therefore no accident that NEPAD officially became the African Union Development Agency in 2018.

NEPAD’s track record makes it the ideal institution to help lead implementation of Agenda 2063 on behalf of the African Union.

I thank the partners who have supported NEPAD over the last two decades, both in Africa and beyond.

I call on Member States to continue supporting the multiple partnerships that AUDA-NEPAD has developed.

AUDA-NEPAD’s agreement with the new CFTA Secretariat is of particular importance.

Honouring our statutory commitments as Member States is not only our duty, it is good value for money. Doing so also facilitates resource mobilisation more broadly.

Dr Ibrahim Mayaki has led NEPAD with integrity and commitment for more than a decade.

I wish to close by thanking him for his extraordinary service to our organisation, and to our continent.

I thank you.