Good afternoon to you and I wish to say, welcome to Rwanda.

The citations that were just read, are a fitting tribute to the bravery of General Anyidoho and General Adinkra, during their service in the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Rwanda in 1994.

I congratulate you, and I thank you for your dedication and commitment.

Where others fled, or were withdrawn by their governments, leaving Rwandans to their fate, these officers remained, and continued to lead their men and women, and did what was right to do.

Through you, General Amanfoh, I convey our deep appreciation to the Government and people of Ghana for this decision.

The Ghanaian battalion saved countless lives, under the most difficult circumstances.

And there is no soldier involved, who does not carry invisible wounds in his heart, to this day.

A genocide produces no heroes. Simply doing one’s duty required exceptional courage, like these Generals did.

Most failed the test. These officers did not.

Generals, we are therefore greatly honoured by your return visit to our country, and by the witness you continue to bear, about the terrible events you witnessed here, in our country.

Once again, I want to congratulate you and wish you a Happy Liberation Day with us, and I thank you all for your kind attention.

But before completely concluding my remarks, I wish to say, the recognition of these Generals, should have come much earlier than this, because we had it in our hearts that we would do that, as we did few others who were here and served well to the point of deserving recognition.

I will not go into details what happened that it delayed. But I just wanted to mention that all along, we had the intention to recognize you, and I am glad it’s never too late we can witness this day.

And once again, congratulations.