Gicumbi, 4 July 2015

President Kagame has called on Rwandans to stand up against those who disrespect and patronize them because the struggle for liberation during which blood was shed and young men and women permanently disabled, aimed at reclaiming respect and self worth for all Rwandans.

While presiding over the 21st National Liberation Day which was held in Rubaya sector, Gicumbi District, President Kagame said nobody is fit enough to tell Rwandans about their rights and needs because nobody knows them better than themselves.

“Today’s struggle for liberation is about sending our children to school, feeding ourselves and building our country. We do not need to be shown the meaning of dignity, we know it because we fought and died for it. The first meaning of liberation is to liberate ourselves from being disrespected and looked down upon. Liberation is about the fearlessness to stand up and fight for what is true. As we celebrate our Liberation Day, let us remember that transforming our country will be done by each of us, no one else. No matter where you are from, we are all human beings, we are all equal and we should treat each other with respect. Those who want to remind us of the meaning of liberation are the ones we fought against as they supported genocidaires. Liberation means the courage to say this liberation is about us and no one loves us more than we love ourselves”


President Kagame expressed appreciation for the protection that the people of Gicumbi, in particular Rubaya sector and the people of Uganda who live across the border accorded to the Rwanda Patriotic Front and Army during the early days of the struggle for liberation by providing a base for the struggle.

“We are grateful, as we have always been, for sacrifices made by people of Gicumbi and people across the border in Uganda. We cannot thank you enough, but coming to celebrate this important day in Rubaya is one of the ways of showing how much we appreciate and recognize your contribution to the struggle for liberation.”

President Kagame pointed out that the journey Rwandans have travelled and the vision they have for their future is what defines the struggle for liberation.

Before joining residents of Gicumbi District in Rubaya, President Kagame and First Lady Jeannette Kagame visited the Gishambashayo Primary School which was built by the Rwanda Defence Forces during the Army Week, organized as part of celebrations to mark the 21st National Liberation.