Fellow Rwandans, Let me start by greeting you and wishing you a Happy Liberation Day. I want to thank all Rwandans for your role and support in the struggle to liberate our country. Twenty-six years have passed since we liberated ourselves. We have achieved a lot. It required sacrifice, hard work, and the collaboration of many. The values that have characterized our Liberation are still important today. We should all strive for our common good, and not only individual benefit. Those in public service should understand that they serve all Rwandans, and are accountable to them. We celebrate this day in difficult times as we confront the Coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic is a test for us. The way we address it shows our level of preparedness against anything that attempts to disrupt our lives and our progress. We always stand ready to protect Rwandans and what we have achieved. This is the same way we should fight Covid-19 and defeat it. The whole world is fighting this pandemic. Success will depend on the right strategies and actions, and citizens with the right mindset. This is really another struggle that we must win, so that we can continue on the path we have chosen. Today, we have inaugurated development activities in different parts of the country.  These projects enable citizens to access services in their communities. They aim to improve livelihoods and uphold the dignity of every Rwandan. After many years of bad politics of greed, hate, and division, we have built a country for all, not just some. A country where everyone cares about the other. Today, as Rwandans, we are independent and have the capacity to work and achieve everything we want, without being taken off course. We have a government that does everything possible to achieve this. What remains important is to abide by the rule of law. Public resources must not be mismanaged or embezzled.Our country will continue to move forward based on our efforts, skills, and capacity, as we continue working together. The journey of Liberation continues. We share this journey with fellow Africans. Everything we need to complete the journey, and take Africa where we want it to be, is in our hands. Rwanda will continue to contribute to the liberation of our continent. We are happy that we have managed to build a new, better country, that Rwandans deserve. Let’s continue on that path, all of us together, men and women, of all ages, but especially the young Rwandans in whose hands lies our future. Once again, I wish you all a happy 26th anniversary of our Liberation.