• Our Host, Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o
  • Chairman and Board Members, CEO and Staff, of Nation Media Group
  • Festival Partners, Dear Delegates

Let me start by congratulating Nation Media Group, for putting together this 2nd edition of the Kusi Ideas Festival, in these challenging circumstances.

When we met in Kigali last year, no one could have predicted that we would be in the middle of a full-blown global pandemic today.

There has been a lot of speculation about why Africa is handling the Covid pandemic, better than expected.

What really matters, is that the lessons we have learned, and the solutions we have already applied, will help us to recover together.

Continued collaboration is key, in order to emerge from this period in safety and prosperity.

First, Covid notwithstanding, our people still want to travel easily across Africa, and connect meaningfully with fellow Africans.

We have to make this a reality by staying on track with the African Continental Free Trade Area, and everything else we have always aspired to do together.

Second, we will only get there, if we harness the power of technology.

In East Africa, we possess the natural talent to create innovative solutions that will generate wealth for our growing population.

We must find new ways to invest in infrastructure, in our people, and in an enabling political and business environment.

Finally, in Rwanda, we have learned that progress comes from ensuring participation and inclusivity.

In the same way, the excellent ideas put forward by the talented people brought together by Kusi, will make a difference.

I am delighted the Kusi continues to be a stimulating and inspiring forum for our region.

Please count on Rwanda’s support for this homegrown African initiative.

I thank you.