I’m just having to be careful to read from my notes, what I am going to say. Because, when you been talking from early morning up to late afternoon, you may mix up things.

I tell you a story. We were somewhere for a meeting, a big gathering there was. We were supposed to talk about AIDS. That time, it was ravaging places across the continent.

Then, as we were speaking one after another, one of the speakers was reading from the podium, started reading a speech on governance and electoral politics.

So, at the beginning I thought, well, this is the context. But actually, we ended up with that. Nothing about AIDS at all.

So, he had to be reminded. And I realize this person must have been tired. They have been talking all day, and forgot what we were talking about.

But a couple of things: Mwangi James, Group CEO of Equity Group Holdings. Mark, and senior government officials and business leaders, here.

I want to again say, when James told us having had a two and half lunch with Makhtar, I started suspecting something big was coming out of it.

And for the reset, but the reset built on another reset, that is taking place here in our country. That’s a huge thing for us and Mwangi, I have to thank you for being a big part of that.

And here we are, witnessing the investment that is being made.

So, I thank Equity Holding Venture Capital for choosing our country, for this project.

This business centre will advance Rwanda’s ambition of becoming a trusted hub for financial services.

For the past two years, the pandemic has slowed down economic growth and deepened inequalities.

But that is not going to be a permanent state for us, or for the region or for the continent. I think things will again start going upward.

Regional financial hubs are critical to attracting new investment and getting us back on track.

Our country’s stability and business-friendly environment are an added advantage, and we have in our country and together with members of our region, we try to keep working at each to make sure that the stability is something we can look up to for many years ahead of us.

But this project is also about the future of our people, and our most valuable asset. That is our people.

Over the years, we have created meaningful partnerships, which have contributed to our development.

I therefore have no doubt, that it will be the same for Kigali Financial Square.

You have our full support, and count on us as a reliable partner. I mean all those who are investing in our country, with us, or in us.

So, I want to thank all the partners: Mwangi, Makhtar, Adesina. We have partners in countries, whether it is UK, the European Union countries, United States.

We always tell our partners that — we try to convince them that we are reliable partners.

You have us as a partner, you have a partner you can rely on and we will do our best and make sure you feel every dollar you invested with us is going to have its full worth of return.

So, about the towers they have designed to build, I had an opportunity to make an input in that. If you see any bad building coming up in the city, you just know I didn’t have a hand in it.

So, I’m expecting this one will come out very well.

So, Mwangi, thank you very much again, and everyone who worked with you, who works with you, to make this happen.

IFC thank you very much for your continued presence in this partnership we wish to have, for things to be able to move forward.

So, as they say in Kiswahili, asante sana.