Ruhango, 14 July 2017

President Kagame today officially kicked off his election campaign in the Southern Province, Ruhango District, Kibingo sector and Nyanza District where thousands of RPF supporters and allied parties gathered. The campaigns will run until August 3.

While addressing his supporters, President Kagame told thousands of supporters that once elected he would work with them to build on the progress that the country has achieved so far under his leadership and do much more.

“Some people have said that the result of the election is a foregone conclusion, they are not wrong, Rwandans made their position clear in 2015.”


Four million Rwandans petitioned Parliament to amend the Constitution to allow President Kagame to continue leading the country towards progress and prosperity.

Both in Ruhango and Nyanza, President Kagame thanked leaders and members of eight opposition political parties that backed his candidacy for their support.

“Those who think this specialty of Rwanda is not democracy, their studies on democracy were a waste of time because everywhere in the world what comes first in democracy is people’s wish. It’s a wish based on many things such as how they see themselves, how they benefit, how they feel and how they want it. The decision that is made is of the majority but it respects the rights of all including those who don’t agree with us.

The RPF’s official manifesto focuses mainly on the party’s plans to strengthen the economy, social welfare, and good governance as well as justice in the next seven years.