President, my dear friend sister, thank you first of all for the invitation to visit your country.

I also wish to express my gratitude for the warm welcome and hospitality that so far my delegation and I have received.

The President and I had constructive discussions, as the President said. We are committed to building on our strong economic, political, cultural, and historical ties.

Rwanda and Tanzania’s bonds of friendship and cooperation are deeply rooted in a common aspiration to improve the lives of our citizens.

Africa’s entrepreneurial youth give us a comparative advantage, but we have to create an enabling environment for them. That is why we are here.

Tanzania is a very key partner for Rwanda, particularly with respect to trade logistics and connectivity, and this characterized in things we discussed in our previous meeting.

We appreciate Tanzania’s willingness to further strengthen these ties, for mutual benefit, enabling our people to develop, and develop faster, and our companies to compete better on global markets.

Lastly, Mheshimiwa rais, I want to thank you for your leadership in finding a lasting solution to the conflicts that are within our region, specifically the one we have been dealing with in Eastern DRC, together with other members of the East African Community.

Building lasting peace and security in our region will require sustained commitment from all of us, including those directly affected or responsible for the underlined problems.

Amani na utulivu ni hitaji muhimu sana kwa ajili ya Mandeleo na Umoja wa Afrika.

Mheshimiwa rais, kwa mara nyingine tena, nakushukuru kwa mapokezi mazuri yanayotufanya tujisikie tuko nyumbani.

Asanteni Sana.