President Duda, once again, it is an honour to welcome you and your delegation to Rwanda.

Rwanda and Poland share strong bonds of friendship and collaboration.

For many years, the Government of Poland has contributed directly to our country’s development, and we are very grateful for this.

A notable example is Poland’s long-standing support to the School and Education Centre for Visually Impaired Children, in Kibeho.

The institute is bringing positive change in the lives of many, and that is not something we take for granted. I therefore thank you very much.

Our partnership in the field of education has also yielded positive results, with many Rwandan students studying in Polish universities today.

Mr President, I look forward to attending the Rwanda-Poland Business Roundtable discussions with you, later today.

This gathering will be a chance for our private sector to explore trade and investment opportunities, and strengthen our economic ties.

Our two countries just signed agreements in the field of green technology, environment, energy, and trade.

The development of these sectors is critical to becoming resilient, and adapt to the new reality of intersecting global shocks.

All in all, Mr President, we have accomplished a lot together.

The diplomatic presence in our respective countries will only serve to accelerate and solidify the good progress we are making.

Your Excellency, once again, I thank you for coming to Rwanda. I am confident we will continue seeing the results of this strong partnership.

I hope you, and your delegation, will enjoy your stay with us.

I thank you for your kind attention.

May I now invite you, Mr President, to deliver your remarks.