I want to take this opportunity to once again welcome the Prime Minister, and her entire delegation, to Rwanda.

The Prime Minister and I have had very fruitful discussions, and witnessed the signing of two agreements in the areas of sports and bilateral air services.

I have no doubt, that the visit of the Prime Minister and her delegation, will add to the already strong partnership we share, across a range of sectors.

Our relationship, nevertheless, runs deeper than this.

We are both small countries, but with a big vision to elevate the standard and quality of life of our people, working with other countries in our regions.

The pandemic reminded us that economic prosperity means nothing, without putting health at the centre.

And so, one area, where we have found we are able to cooperate productively, is pharmaceutical manufacturing.

This is a complex industry, but it is indeed possible for countries like ours, to be part of it, thanks to new technologies and partners.

The important thing is to share knowledge, and cooperate with partners, and we intend to do just that.

We are also sharing experiences on creating digital and technology-enabled jobs for our young people, and adapting to climate change.

We launched the sport of road tennis in Rwanda, which I had the opportunity to test myself when I visited Barbados. I think I did well, just for the first time. We did fine. This is an exciting game that originates in Barbados.

I am confident that this visit is only the beginning, of a long-lasting and impactful partnership.

Once again, Prime Minister, my sister, welcome to Rwanda.

I hope that you and your delegation, will enjoy your stay with us, and that this will be the first of many visits. Just like last April when I was visiting your country, I was serious when I promised I would be back.

So, Prime Minister, you may take the floor.