Gatsibo, 1 August 2015

President Kagame has said that knowledge and qualifications, however good they maybe, would not help anyone if they are not complemented by culture and values. While speaking to more than 180 young Rwandans studying abroad, who had concluded three weeks Itorero training at the Gabiro Combat Training School in Gtasibo District, President Kagame equated a person with knowledge and qualifications but without culture and values, to a very attractive building constructed on a very weak foundation.

President Kagame asked the indangamirwa to always uphold their identity and remember where they come from and always be guided by values:

“We wish to take ourselves and our country far. For this to happen, we have to start by building our capacities, values and mentalities. The progress of our country will depend on how capable we are to effect change. This is what this itorero is aimed at achieving. You are the future of this country and you have more resources than we ever had. We want you to take this country further than we could.”


President Kagame counseled the youth to prioritise in whatever they do when they are abroad studying, so that the results of their efforts are not wasted.

“Dont waste your time on issues that are of no importance to you and your country. Be selective and whatever you choose to learn and make a collection of only what is best. You dont have to travel long distances to waste your time.”

President Kagame challenged the youth to use the lessons they had learnt during the three weeks training and add to what they learn from the countries where they live and study, to build their understanding and change their country.

“If you lose your culture and values of what is wrong or right, you will have lost everything. Knowledge and qualification without values and culture is useless. It is like building a very nice building on a weak foundation.”

Rucagu Boniface, the head of the National Itorero asked the the youth to uphold the lessons that they have learnt from the Itorero, because this was a rare opportunity they had been given by their country to understand themselves.

This was the 8th Itorero session for the Rwandan Youth living abroad, Indangamirwa VIII, originating from 24 different countries around the world.