London, 22 October 2014

This morning in London, President Kagame gave the keynote address at the UK-Rwanda Trade and Investment forum that brought together over three hundred business leaders in various sectors including energy, mining and banking.

Speaking on the current business opportunities in Rwanda, DFID Minister of State, Desmond Swayne, described Rwanda as a transformed nation:

“Rwanda is a country that is absolutely transformed from the human disaster area of 20 years when the world turned its back on Rwanda into the modern, safe, prosperous and corruption free zone that it is today. It is an example of what Prime Minister has called the golden thread of development where open and free markets, coincide with a government with strong institutions that are accountable and democratic and give rise to a peaceful, stable government so that people can trade their way to prosperity. In that respect, Rwanda sets an example to the continent and the rest of the world.”

President Kagame reiterated Rwanda’s commitment to good governance and a safe and stable environment:

“We in Rwanda have worked hard to establish security and political stability. This has allowed us to focus on strengthening good governance and a culture of accountability. With national programs such as One Laptop per Child, universal health coverage, free 12-year basic education and partnerships with world class universities such as Carnegie Mellon, we are putting in place, the building blocks of a knowledge economy. We are prioritizing inclusive growth to empower citizens to chart their own futures and to innovate.”

President Kagame concluded by inviting investors to visit and invest in Rwanda:

“There is no doubt about the attractiveness of investing in Africa. I invite all of you to Rwanda. You are guaranteed high rates of return and improvement of our people’s well being. I look forward to working together for the development and prosperity.”

The keynote address was followed by a panel discussion with Minister and CEO, Francis Gatare of Rwanda Development Board and Minister Claver Gatete of the Ministry of Finance and Planning  and Alvaro Sobrinho, an Angolan investor set to open Invest in Rwanda Bank, in Kigali in the near future.