First of all, I am happy to join you today, for the inauguration of the Rohde & Schwarz Rwanda Office.

Allow me to start by thanking Peter, and the entire Rohde & Schwarz leadership, for accepting to have our country as a long-term partner.

In fact, a bit of the story has been told by Peter.

When we met and visited their company headquarters, we had a discussion on the simple expression of invitation for Peter and company to come to Rwanda. He without hesitation accepted the invitation, and as they say, the rest is history.

So today, we are here, enjoying this moment of significance.

Over the years, Rwanda has made significant progress in developing our digital economy. There is a lot more to do. A lot.

Our strategy focuses on creating an enabling environment for business, while investing in broadband infrastructure and digital skills.

The Kigali International Financial Centre, Kigali Innovation City, and the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution are just three examples of many things we are trying to do, or can do, in the near future.

Our vision is to become a trusted hub for digital financial services and technology innovation in our region and beyond.

Rohde & Schwarz is already a positive addition to Rwanda’s technology community, through the software development lab started in 2019.

Key public institutions in Rwanda are already making use of these applications.

The launch of Rohde & Schwarz’s Rwanda office, the first in our continent, will only enhance the good collaboration we have seen.

I commend the company’s new commitments in cybersecurity training and curriculum development, as well as the support for a radio frequency lab in conjunction with QT Software, a Rwandan software company.

What has determined our progress as a country, is the focus we have put on our people, especially the young people.

I therefore encourage you to continue collaborating with our higher education institutions, going forward.

You have our full support. Consider us as a reliable partner, and please feel at home.

This is one of your many, or maybe, few places you can call your home.

Once again, congratulations on the launch of this office, and I thank you for your kind attention.

But I am also looking forward to visiting your offices and your lab quite soon. So, I’ll be your guest, one of these days.

Thank you very much.