Kigali, 26 November

President Kagame today told members of the association of student genocide survivors, AERG that if Rwanda is to progress, Rwandans must collectively change their mindsets. President Kagame was speaking to more than 470 AERG members who had just completed a two weeks retreat in Nkumba, Northern Province.

President Kagame pointed out that as students pursue education to secure their future, they should work hard and study with a sense of purpose and also opt for practical education that would make them competitive on the job market:

“The Government will endeavor to improve the lives of every Rwandan, to give everyone equal opportunities and providing assistance to those who are victims of our sad history. We are one family and there is no reason why we should fail to find solutions to our problems as a united family.”


President Kagame commended the young survivors for choosing to forge ahead with their lives, despite their sad past:

“While ours is a bad story, we don’t accept absurdity and ridicule. The most important thing is to refuse to be prisoners of our sad history; the rest will click in place. We cannot accept to die twice, we have to pick our pieces and build our lives. This we can’t learn from any books”

During the retreat, AERG members discussed several issues related to ameliorating their education and overall discipline, welfare while at school and opportunities after completion of their education. Discussions also included protecting themselves against sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS as well as promotion of values of patriotism and dignity as leaders of tomorrow.

AERG members contributed 4 million to the Agaciro Fund as a gesture to express their desire to graduate from people who need assistance to people who can assist others.