Today, President Kagame delivered a keynote address at the at the Human Capital Summit in Washington DC on the sidelines of World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund Annual meeting. The event, convened by the World Bank Group aims to highlight the crucial importance of a healthy, educated and skilled citizenry to build a stable and productive economy and drive global action in the following key areas for human capital: early years, nutrition, education, Universal health coverage social protection, skills and jobs, social protection, women and youth. Specific emphasis will be placed on the nurturing of human capital from early childhood onwards.

In his address, President Kagame’s focused on ways to build a strong foundation for human capital in Africa, and present Rwanda’s commitment in early years: “Human capital is, without doubt, the driver of high-income growth, and the foundation of prosperity. This is not an abstraction. We are talking about people, in real terms. We are all born equal in rights and dignity. By investing in health, education, and creativity, we turn our people into individuals, who have the ability to think and act, not just for themselves, but also for the benefit of their communities. Unleashing human freedom and ability is a force multiplier, that creates limitless potential. Our aim is prosperity and well-being, for everyone”.

The audience in attendance was comprised of Finance and Development ministers; leaders of development agencies, foundations; private sector and CSOs. During the same event, the World Bank Group also presented its Human Capital Project, which aims to accelerate investment efforts towards inclusive economic growth and ending extreme poverty.