Kigali, 17 March 2011

Visiting Harvard Law School students have pledged to present to the world the true perception of Rwanda basing on what they have been able to see during their visit. The Harvard Black Law students Association members have travelled around the country and engaged with political, legal and social leaders in the communities and today met with President Kagame at Urugwiro Village with whom they discussed a wide range of issues.

Speaking to the Press after meeting President Kagame, James Nortey, co-chairman of the Harvard Black Law students Association said:

“We are much honored to having been granted audience with President Kagame. The objective of this visit is to allow students at law school opportunity to engage the wider African Diaspora including the nation of Rwanda and the biggest lesson learnt is that there is desire and vision of being able to turn the country around but unfortunately the international community does not have a full perception of what Rwanda is and I think it’s our job as ambassadors to show the world what we have learnt here in hopes of changing the perception. Rwanda is open for business and travel”.

The Minister of Justice, Tarsis Karugarama who accompanied the students to the meeting said:

“These students from the Harvard Black Law students Association visit different countries every year and their choice for this year was Rwanda because of the many stories of development and transformation that they have heard about our country. They have visited many countries and they have been impressed with what they have seen as achievements of Rwandans and are willing to be our ambassadors. Their discussions with the President revolved around a number of issues including the relationship between Rwanda and the United States upon which he told them that there are shared values between the people of the United States and Rwanda. The President also informed them that Rwandans have been able to overcome the outcomes of the genocide and Rwandans are now able to make their own decisions as they work to create for themselves a prosperous future”.