Kigali, 15 January 2017

President Kagame has called on Rwandans to cultivate self belief because they have immense capabilities to make any advancement they desire. President Kagame was speaking today during the Rwanda National Leadership Prayer Breakfast, organized by the Rwanda Leaders Fellowship as a platform to conduct annual prayers for the nation.


“When God created us he did not place us in categories, from superior to inferior. We were all created equal in capabilities. If we wait upon others to do for us what we should do for ourselves, what will our own capabilities do? You cannot stay in a position of being eternally grateful to others without graduating to doing things yourself.”

Turning to the youth, President Kagame pointed out that they should start recognizing their abundant capacities, which he said they should use for their own good and for others.

President Kagame said that although there is the general belief that Rwanda has insufficient natural resources, this is a misconception because the most important form of wealth is people and Rwanda has people with great capacities.