I commend the United States, the European Union, the African Union, and Spain, for co-chairing this meeting.

In recent years, important steps have been taken to improve global food security.

Today, the pandemic, ongoing conflicts, and rising temperatures are putting unusual pressure on our food systems and reversing development gains.

The impact is disproportionately felt in Africa.

For our continent, one thing is clear. We must become more resilient and productive.

This was emphasized at the AGRF Summit in Kigali earlier this month as well as the landmark United Nations Food Systems Summit last year.

In Africa, the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program and the Malabo Declaration will remain our blueprint to transform agriculture.

The African Continental Free Trade Area is anchored in each framework.

Significant investment is needed in value addition and processing. This is an opportunity for investment and partnership with Africa.

There is no reason why Africa should be experiencing food insecurity given its natural advantages.

We must act quickly and decisively to deliver measurable results on the ground.

Thank you for your attention.