Good afternoon, and thank you to Chancellor Merkel for hosting us, once again, in Berlin.

Madam Chancellor, the G20 Compact with Africa has been an important point of engagement, since its creation in 2017.

The central message is that Africa is open for business and that productive investment and trade is the pathway to prosperity and stability.

Related to that, is emphasis on the importance of partnership.

In Rwanda, we have seen an increase in connections to German business and investment. We welcome this and wish to see even more.

The challenge before us is to convert the solid political will into even more tangible results on the ground.

Allow me to conclude with a personal note of appreciation to you, Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The Compact with Africa is only one of many examples of the personal engagement, leadership, and commitment that have marked your tenure.

I thank you, and I also expect that we will now have the chance to welcome you to Africa with even more frequency in the years ahead, as a dear friend.

Thank you.