Kigali, 8 May 2012

Outgoing EALA Speaker,Abdirahin H. Abdi today called on President Kagame to bid him farewell as the term of the second East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) comes to an end at the end of May.

“I came here to thank the President for the support he gave to EALA over the years since Rwanda joined the community and the support he gave to me personally as the speaker. I also gave him a short brief of what we have done as an assembly and hope the new assembly will continue on the foundation that we have laid.”

The outgoing speaker outlined achievements of the Assembly, including passing more than 35 legislations, shaping the direction of the community and taking EALA to the people and making it one of the most known organs of the community, among others.

The Minister of East African Affairs, Monique Mukaruliza said:

“There have been significant achievements during the current Speaker’s tenure but the most outstanding is the fact that the Assembly has been able to hold its sittings in all the East African Community member countries which has played a role in making even the common people know more about the community.”