Ngoma, 5 August 2010

Murebwayire Christine is a woman in her mid-thirties who for most of her life believed that a woman had no place outside the home. Her husband did not allow her to leave her house or work until as her only job was to raise their three children. In 2003, Murebwayire became a widow and though she had never worked, she was left to provide for her family. After listening to radio programs on the RPF leadership, she joined the RPF party where she benefitted from empowerment programs that were geared towards women. She not only learnt that she was just as capable as the other half of the population but also received the opportunity to show what she was capable of accomplishing. After entrepreneurship training, she followed the RPF policy of creating cooperatives and founded COPROVIBA.

Today, Murebwayire is a multi millionaire earning over 10,000,000 per year from the multiple business of COPROVIBA which range from wine to jewelry making. She told the crowd, “many of you here used to know me as one of the poorest in my neighborhood…today I have not only proven that I am worth more but I am also training other women to create their own business.” Murebwayire is now receiving marketing and packaging training from the Rwanda Development Board and preparing to export her product.”

President Kagame addressed the Ngoma residents  “the RPF is committed to restoring the pride of each Rwandans in who they are…the RPF is committed to a leadership that reflects all of your desires to live in a peaceful and thriving country that know no arbitrary divides.” Referring to the recent critics of the Rwandan government, President Kagame told his supporters “I want to make it clear; those who use divisionism to gain political support have no place in the politics of Rwanda.” He ended by telling the crowd, “if you want the road to development to be traveled on good roads, well lit with electricity, in good health and with a good education…you know whose leadership you want, you know whose leadership walks the talk.”

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