“But let me tell you; because we are RPF and you cannot wish us away! We are here, this is our place, this is our country; we shall stay and stay and stay. By the way, here I am not talking just about RPF, I am talking about the country through RPF. What I am saying about our friends, I am not talking about RPF as the cadres and the people here, I am saying something that has been created by RPF in this country. I am talking about this country, so this country is here whether you want it or not. And those of us who belong to this country are here whether you want us or not. We will be here until we are no more until you are no more. This is why when we are dealing with our friends, who come here and tell us, you know; you must do this, you have to do this, you know we give you this so if you don’t do that we don’t give you this, okay? We know how to politely keep maneuvering with that but also at a certain point we look them in the eyes and tell them “who do you think you are?” President Kagame who is also the RPF Chairman.