Gisagara, 23 August 2018

President Kagame who is also the Chairman of the Rwandese Patriotic Front (RPF) today attended the party’s legislative rally in Muganza Sector, Gisagara District. The Chairman was campaigning for RPF candidates ahead of parliamentary elections slated for early next month.

The Chairman, who was accompanied by RPF senior cadres – Secretary-General Francois Ngarambe, Commissioners, as well as RPF leaders on district and provincial levels, rallied over 100,000 Gisagara residents to vote for the RPF so that the party can continue to develop the area and the entire country.

In his rally address, Chairman Kagame expressed his gratitude to Gisagara residents for their overwhelming support in last year’s presidential elections and thanked them in advance for trusting RPF once again by electing its candidates in the forthcoming legislative polls.

“Citizens working hand in hand with the RPF is the foundation of the progress we have achieved to date. We want to make even larger strides towards prosperity and work together, as a country and community to build the nation we want. There is no one else who will come from elsewhere who can take you where RPF can take the citizens of this country. RPF is grounded in unity with its citizens and nothing can replace unity,” Chairman Kagame said.

The Chairman further reiterated that RPF is also about recognizing where the party has fallen short.

“RPF is defined by accountability to citizens. I can’t come here as the Chairman of the RPF and pretend that everything is well. We have to be accountable to you. This is why we are asking for another opportunity to deliver where we have fallen short,” Chairman Kagame said.

Parliamentary elections are scheduled to take place on 3 September, when Rwandans will elect 80 new Members of Parliament – Chamber of Deputies in what will be the fourth Parliament since the end of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

RPF is in coalition with other parties including the Ideal Democratic Party (PDI), the Centrist Democratic Party (PDC), Democratic Union of Rwandese People (UDPR), Party for Progress and Concord (PPC), Party for Solidarity and Progress (PSP), and Rwandese Socialist Labour Party (PSR).