President Kagame and First Lady Jeannette Kagame took part of the celebration of  the 100th Anniversary of Catholic Priesthood in Rwanda. The ceremony happened in Kabgayi where thousands of Christians were gathered to celebrate 100 years since the first Rwandan priests were ordained.

Starting his address, President Kagame congratulated the church for its centenary jubilee and called the audience to reflect on the role of the catholic church in Rwanda’s history : ” This is an occasion to reflect on the significance of the Rwandan Catholic priesthood in the life and history of our nation. The Rwandan priests were pioneers in recording and giving value to our culture, history, language.

Alluding the his meeting with His Holiness Pope Francis earlier this year, President Kagame said:” Pope Francis leadership marks a new chapter in our relationship, one that looks to the future and well being of Rwandans. This chapter of our history is an opportunity for new partnership that serves the people of Rwanda, we have the opportunity to learn from our past and focus on our future with the same end goal in mind: to serve Rwandans.

President Kagame concluded his remarks by calling the audience to give glory to God, our creator: ” Let us serve our citizens and and honour the one who created us. We should not take any opportunity for granted.