Rwanda’s teachers will receive more intensive training to improve their proficiency in English. This was one of the key decisions of the just concluded Leadership Retreat where Rwanda’s leaders resolved to renew and strengthen their focus on results and to work more closely together across government.

There will be also be increased support and training for SMEs so that they can create jobs and boost the economy. The Rwanda Development Board announced a new target of $550 million in investments for 2011 and pledged to continue reforms to promote business in Rwanda while protecting the country’s interests.

In a renewed effort to increase electricity generation and access in order to power communities and drive business, responsibility for electricity generation was transferred from the Ministry of Infrastructure to the Energy, Water and Sanitation Authority (EWASA)
Rwanda’s improved ICT infrastructure will assist in resolving barriers and support implementation of all government priority programmes.

More than 200 government ministers, ambassadors, mayors and heads of key agencies, as well as senior members of the legislature and judiciary have spent the last three days in Rubavu discussing how best to accelerate progress in priority sectors.

Speaking at the closing of the Leadership Retreat, President Kagame urged leaders to be ambitious and committed to delivering change noting that their success would be measured by the benefits they deliver for their fellow citizens.

President Kagame told delegates that although they all had defined roles to play, their efforts must not end there as they had to work together, supporting each other to ensure that no part of Rwanda’s society is left behind as the country moves towards Vision 2020.

President Kagame pointed out that each retreat gave the opportunity for self-evaluation, improved understanding and new solutions to Rwanda’s challenges, “the same vigour evident in debate over the past few days must be applied to implementation and making the right choices in order to deliver for the Rwandan people.”