Kigali, 18 January 2013

President Kagame today presided over the launch of ‘Rwanda Inc.’, the first book to be written mostly highlighting  Rwanda’s transformation rather than dwelling on the genocide against the Tutsi.  The book was authored by Patricia Crisafulli, a creative writer and a published author, including of a New York Times Bestseller, The House of Dimon, a leadership profile of JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and Andrea Redmond, a highly experienced American executive entrepreneur.

In his remarks, President Kagame thanked the authors and Rwandans for being part of the story told by the book, ‘Rwanda Inc.’ President Kagame said the authors produced a good product because they were connected the story after conducting extensive research in Rwanda and seeing for themselves what is happening on the ground:

“As they told the story of Rwanda, they were deliberately telling the story of Africa, which is a story of immense potential for business and entrepreneurship, different from the story of poverty and disease. The story in ‘Rwanda Inc. is real; it’s a story of transformation. A complex situation has been put in a book in a simple way that makes everyone connect with it. This reminds us Rwandans that we should not only do things on the ground but also learn to tell our own story. I thank the authors for telling our story.”

President Kagame said that nobody should have any concerns about sustainability of Rwanda’s progress, assuring that Rwanda will continue to succeed because it’s inevitable.

Patricia Crisafulli, one of the authors said the extensive research she and her co-author, Andrea Redmond, conducted in Rwanda showed that Rwanda is the ultimate turnaround of a country:

“When I studied Rwanda and its leadership, I found a President who behaved more like a corporate leader rather than a political leader. We learnt a lot about Rwanda –not only its past, but its future and aspirations. This is a country that leans more towards the future, knowing that going backwards is not an option.”