Kigali, 15 August 2017

Good evening once again.

I wish welcome my Brother, President Sisi. We are honoured to host you tonight.

It has been a busy and productive day, for you and your delegation, and for ourselves. We hope you have already managed to relax and enjoy some Rwandan hospitality and culture.

Egypt and Rwanda do not share a border, but as we all know, and discussed earlier in our talks, we have many common interests on which our friendship is based.

This includes our shared responsibility to care for the River Nile, which sustains life for tens of millions of Africans as it makes its way to the Mediterranean.

We are happy to cooperate with you and all the countries in the region in pursuit of this crucial objective that we share.

Mr President, no African can forget everything that Egypt contributed to the liberation of our continent, when it was most needed.

Today, we are together in working for a more prosperous and secure future, for our people.

The ongoing work to make the African Union more efficient is a continuation of the efforts to build a united and truly independent continent. We very much look forward to continuing our collaboration towards this goal.

Once again, I wish express our to welcome to our honoured guest tonight President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, and ask that you feel at home, and visit us often in the near future.

I thank you and thank the audience for your kind attention.