“I have always thought it is Africa’s time, we Africans, we have let ourselves down. We are now realizing it is Africa’s time and we need to seize every opportunity to be where we should be. The main difference will come when in one place or another they are actually doing what they know they ought to, it is not just knowing what you ought to do or even what you are capable of doing, it’s another in actual fact doing it. There are many positive things happening in every country on our continent, they are not happening by miracle, it is just because people are getting to do what they have to do and have known they have to do for a long time. The advice, therefore, is simple, let’s do what we know we have to do, let’s involve our women, see more numbers of women becoming CEOS because they are many who are capable, we should not leave our women behind, that’s what we have tried to address. We know we should have transparent, accountable systems of government, we have to create rule of law in our environment for people to expect certain things to happen and that’s what happens. I cannot give advice that anyone doesn’t know in this room, everyone knows what we are talking about. Let’s just do it.” President Kagame speaking on Investing in Africa alongside President Cyril Ramaphosa, President Nana Akufo Addo and Prime Minister Carlos Agostinho do Rosário of Mozambique at the African Investment Forum | Johannesburg, 11 November 2019

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