Today, President Kagame attended a National Prayer Breakfast event themed “Instilling Godly Values In Leadership” held at the Kigali Convention Centre. This event was organised by Rwanda Leaders’ Fellowship (RLF), an initiative started in 1995 in order to bring together the country’s top leadership from various sectors to pray together for the nation.
Addressing the youth during his speech, President Kagame reminded them now is their time to get ready to be the country’s future leaders: “I would like to use this opportunity to remind our young people that they need to start being involved in order to prepare to be the leaders of tomorrow. A lot is expected from you; use your knowledge and your skills to do good but please keep in mind that you can’t take this for granted, you have to work hard in order to be ready so that when time comes it is fully deserved.”
Referring to the country’s tragic past, President Kagame told the audience that bad leadership let evil reign in the country, reason why we can’t let it happen again:”Bad leadership made our country uninhabitable, even God deserted us because he saw that his people had become evil and he was no longer welcome in their homes.”
He added that the current progress achieved has to be sustained:”We have to keep in mind at all times that we have ahead of us the difficult task of uphold good standards, values of excellence which should always be our standards especially considering with our history, we sank so low and became nothing, so there is no other way than up from there.”
The event was organised as a thanksgiving prayer meeting in order to celebrate the thank God for the recently concluded national election period.